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Our Story

Our story begins at ProPartners Wealth. ProPartners Wealth is a veterinary business strategy firm located in Columbia, Missouri. ProPartners specializes in practice strategy, business transitions, asset management, and more.

​While working with privately owned veterinary businesses across the country, we noticed that most practices do not keep detailed financial statements. Without detail in the financial statements, it is impossible to track specific financial metrics that growth-focused business owners require. ​

Our team began working on a solution to this problem and thus the idea of DVM Office was born.  We realized that leveraging advancements in software technology and implementing routine processes could create a system that accurately and efficiently manages our business owner's books. ​

By iterating on our software and processes over the course of a year, we were able to nail down a streamlined process that adds value for our veterinarians and saves them significant time. Today DVM Office is proud to serve veterinarians across the country. We are a growth-focused business and are not finished innovating. We continuously strive to add value and new features for our clients and improve our processes. 


Our Team

Each member of our team brings unique skills and experiences to the table, allowing us to take on any unique situation. From creative design to technical implementation, we are able to handle it all.

We pride ourselves on being responsive and adaptable, able to quickly pivot and adjust as needed. This means that our clients can always count on us to meet their changing needs and exceed their expectations.

So if you're looking for a team that can deliver high-quality work with accuracy and efficiency, look no further than DVM Office. We're ready to help you take your books to the next level.


Dr. Lauren


Director of Education 


Steven Herman



Kale Flaspohler



Anna Buchanan

Communication Lead

Meet the rest of the PPW team!


James Michael



Isaiah Spellman

Software Administrator

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